Commandline Interface (CLI)

Srtools provides a commandline utility for transliterating Serbian text from Cyrillic to Latin and vice versa.

The utility operates on STDIN and outputs to STDOUT if no arguments are provided. You can also explicitly specify you’re reading from STDIN in the standard way (srts -cl --).

You must provide either --cl (Cyrillic → Latin) or --lc (Latin → Cyrillic) to specify the transliteration direction.

The utility currently only supports UTF-8 input and output. I might include commandline options for picking an encoding like YUSCII (JUS I.B1.002), Cyrillic YUSCII (JUS_I.B1.003-serb), Windows-1250, Windows-1251, ISO-8859-5, ISO/IEC 8859-2 in the future. Until then, you may pipe the input and output into iconv.

usage: srts [-h] [-o OUTFILE] (--cl | --lc) [infile]

Positional Arguments


Input file. If omitted, reads STDIN.


-o, --outfile

Output file. If omitted, writes to STDOUT.


Cyrillic to Latin transliteration.


Latin to Cyrillic transliteration.